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Join Me for a Free Webinar from Children's Book Insider's Laura Bard - January 14, 2021


I understand where you are all coming from --

there's a good reason why so many people dream about writing a children's picture book.
They present the author with unlimited possibilities.  Magic happens, dreams come true and young readers are transported into realms of imagination and joy.

Picture books also offer a chance to communicate vital messages and help children make sense of the very confusing world around them.

But, to a writer who seeks to enter their special world, picture books can be challenging and seem very intimidating. That's because every word has to count.  Every syllable has to count.  Every tiny bit of action has to count.  Every character must be just right.

If you've always wanted to write a picture book, but felt unsure about how to get started, I have exactly the thing you need to get started. 

If you're a current member who is not consistently achieving 2 or 1 Ratings, this will help you. I can attest that one of the foremost struggles members seem to have is story structure. You can pave or repave your path to success with the lessons/reminders touched upon in this webinar. 

On Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern, my friend Laura Backes of Children's Book Insider is offering the Rate Your Story community a free online class called How to Write a Great Picture Book.

Laura will call on her 30 years of experience as a writing educator, editor, author and publisher of Children's Book Insider, the Children's Writing Monthly to teach you how to get started right now on a new or revised picture book of your own.

You'll learn:

* The specific "rules" of picture books - and how they're different from other children's books.
* What makes a memorable picture book character .

And - this is pretty amazing - you'll also:

* Actually create - step-by-step - a picture book protagonist of your own to build your manuscript around!

Laura will take you inside the breakthrough picture book creation tool she's created (Picture Book Blueprint) and lead you on a simple process to create a truly memorable protagonist.  She'll also share an inside peek at Picture Book Blueprint, and give you a special opportunity to own this remarkable program.

Reserve your spot now (if you can't make it live, go ahead and register so you can get the replay link).  Get Started Writing Picture Books is 100% free and there's no obligation of any kind.  Register here:

It's going to be a really fun and informative session.  I wouldn't miss it! I can't wait to see you there!
Lynne Marie

P.S. Many of you know I am the Editor and Agent Spotlight Feature Columnist at Children's Book Insider -- You can find some of my Interviews here:

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A Festive First Pages with Callie and Lynne (December 18, 2020) 6 PM EST


I'm excited to announce our *second* FIRST PAGES with Callie and Lynne! Twice the Feedback from two authors / editors!

Please feel free to share with your Critique Group!

Wear your Holiday Hat and enjoy your favorite Holiday Beverage! 


Clickable Link Here: https://tinyurl.com/1stPageswithCandL

Submission info below...
Remember, spots are limited!

Participants will be e-mailed the link to the Zoom Room on the day of the event. 
Hope to See you There!

PLEASE NOTE: Spork and it's imprints (Spork, &MG, Blue Whale and an exciting new one, coming soon!) are closed to submissions, so this is a good way to get your work seen!


Please format your First Pages as follows --->

Top Line - Name, Title, Genre, Word Count

Following Lines: Double-spaced. Picture books should be formatted as closely to a picture book as possible. If you use a page number, keep it on the same line as the text (or you are losing submission lines).

Make payment at:

Send as a Word Document Attachment to:


NOTE: For novels with large blocks of text, we will read as much as we can -- to the point where we would stop reading in an editorial meeting because we have read enough to make a decision on the piece. For picture books, we will likely read to the end because they are much sparser. We will comment on areas of strength and areas where the writer could make improvements. We will, also note if we would like to see more, and if the writer may send the full-manuscript to Spork Books.

BONUS: Though Spork and its imprints are closed to submissions, if we say that we would like to see more, you are invited to submit to: Callie@ClearFork.media and cc: LiterallyLynneMarie@gmail.com with the following subject line:

1st PAGES SUB: [Title] by [Author]

Payment and Pages must be received by 3 PM on the date of the event, or yours will be held and read at the next month's event.

Thank you for participating!

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Happy Holidays - a FREE Script for the Star in the Christmas Play for Churches and Homeschoolers!

 Attn Christian Homeschoolers and Churches: With Love and Blessings from me and Beaming Books, here is a FREE Script to enable your little ones to perform THE STAR IN THE CHRISTMAS PLAY as a finger puppet show, a puppet show, or performance during this holiday season:

Buy the book here, on Amazon https://amzn.to/3flQTWC

If you do take advantage of this fun and festive resource,
please feel free to send pictures and any comments to me at:

Thanks, and Happy Holidays -- Lynne Marie

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PERFECT PICTURE BOOK FRIDAY: A Crowded Farmhouse Folktale by Karen Rostoker-Gruber


TITLE: A Crowded Farmhouse Folktale

AUTHOR: Karen Rostoker Gruber

ILLUSTRATOR: Kristina Swarner 

PUBLISHER: Albert Whitman, 2020



Farmer Earl has had enough -- his home is too crowded. So, he visits the wise woman in town for help. She tells him to bring all his ducks in the house. And then his horses. And all his goats too! 

How will there be more room with all these animals?

Usually, with my reviews, I outline three quick reasons to read. But there are so many for this book. First of all, it is a great Mentor text in writing picture books. Karen makes wonderful use of poetic devices -- rhythm, alliteration, consonance, assonance. She employs three beats. She featured a main character who has a child-like problem (many current or former children will experience or remember their bedroom or house being too small and not appreciating it). The character undergoes a noticeable change from beginning to end, as do those around him.  It also shows a respect for and and inclination toward listening to his elders (wise woman), despite being able to clearly see the result game, just knowing that this mentor knows best and wants best for him. That's a subtle little lesson for little ones about parenting. 

But the part I love the most, apart from it being a Jewish folktale, is the truth that it speaks. Everything looks differently if we change the perspective. Knowing that is a great tool in coping in this life and one that's important to give to children. 

As to the art -- it's fun and folksy, just like it should be. 

So well done! I honestly think that this book has takeaway value for everyone, young and old, alike!

And for more fun, here's the backstory to A CROWDED FARMHOUSE FOLKTALE:


# # # # # # # 

For more Book Talk, join me at my weekly TINKER AND TALK BOOK CHATS, Sundays from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM EST. Please e-mail me at LiterallyLynneMarie@gmail.com for more information or to RSVP. 

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Our first ever, FIRST PAGES WITH CALLIE AND LYNNE for Children's Book Writers!

 I'm excited to announce our *first* FIRST PAGES with Callie and Lynne! Twice the Feedback from two authors / editors!

Please feel free to share with your Critique Group

Clickable Link Here: https://tinyurl.com/1stPageswithCandL

Submission info below...

Hope to See you There!

PLEASE NOTE: Spork and it's imprints (Spork, &MG, Blue Whale and a new one, coming soon!) are closed to submissions, so this is a good way to get your work seen!


Please format your First Pages as follows --->

Top Line - Name, Title, Genre, Word Count

Following Lines: Double-spaced. Picture books should be formatted as closely to a picture book as possible.

Make payment at:

Send as a Word Document Attachment to:


NOTE: For novels with large blocks of text, we will read as much as we can -- to the point where we would stop reading in an editorial meeting because we have read enough to make a decision on the piece. For picture books, we will likely read to the end because they are much sparser. We will comment on areas of strength and areas where the writer could make improvements. We will, also note if we would like to see more, and if the writer may send the full-manuscript to Spork Books.

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THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: 10 Turkeys in the Road by Brenda Reeves Sturgis

TITLE: 10 Turkeys in the Road

AUTHOR: Brenda Reeves Sturgis


PUBLISHER: Marshall Cavendish/Amazon Two Lions

I began my writing journey in 2004 when my daughter was in Kindergarten. I had attended an author visit at Baldwin Consolidated School and met author Lynn Plourde. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to be a writer. Nobody told me how difficult it actually is, so I just threw myself into the process, writing, learning how to query, joining critique groups, and submitting. At that time, everything was submitted through postal mail, and I researched publishers in the Children's Writers and Illustrators Market Guide book.

Kelly DiPucchio, New York Times best selling author and talented author of many books was featured. I reached out to her, as she offered a critique service at that time. I sent her six stories to be critiqued. I was incredibly nervous waiting for her thoughts but she sent great feedback and told me that I had a natural ability to hear and write rhyme. Up until that point, I had zero belief in myself but KNEW deep in my heart that I wanted to be a children's published author. Throughout the years, her kind words have stuck with me and spurred me on in times of great adversity and rejections.  

We lived down a long dirt road, at Silver Lake in Shapleigh, Maine. One day, as I was taking my daughter to school, there was a rafter or turkeys blocking the road. We were late, I needed to get her to school, and I sat in the car impatiently waiting for them to move. I wanted in the worst way to honk my car horn at them to move them along, but instead...I sat and watched them and their funny antics. They would strut, then fly up into the trees, and at that moment a seed was embedded. 

I woke up at 3:00 a.m. (which is my normal writing time) with the story in my head. It unfolded fairly quickly, and presented itself to me with the refrain, "One Turkey flew away." I wrote it, and submitted it to my critique group, and got some encouraging feedback. I submitted the story to my friend Shari Dash Greenspan, the editor of Flashlight Press. She liked it but it wasn't right for her publishing house but she offered some good and valid advice about the scenes. At first, it was just about 10 Turkeys doing funny things in the road, and blocking a driver. Around this time, I submitted 10 Turkeys in the Road to Roxyanne Young's Smart Writer's contest, along with another story entitled Touchdown! (This story was about a little girl football player). Touchdown won first place in the contest, and 10 Turkeys in the Road took an honorable mention as well. 

This contest win helped me to sign with my first agent, the amazing Josh Adams of Adams 
Literary. He began submitting this story, along with Touchdown, which eventually won the MeeGenius Author Challenge and was released in e-book form.

I attended RUCCL (Rutgers University Council of Children's Literature.) This is a conference where authors are matched one on one with editors, and also have a five on five as well. I was matched with Margery Cuyler of Marshall Cavendish, now Two Lions Publishing, and owned by Amazon. 

Margery liked 10 Turkeys in the Road but asked me to rewrite it about something else. She liked the concept, she liked that it was a countdown book, from 10-1 but wanted it written about Turkeys in a circus. I was up for the challenge and went home and rewrote the manuscript, and it was submitted to her. 

She acquired the story in 2008, and it was released in 2011. This story is illustrated by famed artist, David Slonim, and the illustrations are painted in acrylic oils. Shortly after its release, it was acquired by Scholastic Book Clubs and released in softcover and in audio, it did very well and earned out the advance in its first three months. It has continued to do well over the years, and it is so fun to read to children, as they flap and gobble and fly away one at a time, always with a lot of laughter. In September it was released in softcover. 

I have found that everything in life is cumulative with one thing leading to another. It was at one of my first conferences that I met Lynne Marie, and we became fast and furious friends, who now collaborate together with several stories that we are submitting to editors. My advice to new writers is this...NEVER give up. Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done. Find a way to write something different. Overturn stones, meet friends, write, rewrite, revise, rinse, and repeat. 

Brenda Sturgis is the author of
10 Turkeys in the Road - illustrated by David Slonim (Marshall Cavendish/Amazon/Scholastic 2011), The Lake Where Loon Lives – illustrated by Brooke Carleton (Islandport Press 2014) and Touchdown - illustrated by Trey Chavez (MeeGenius 2014). Her latest picture book, Still A Family, came out in 2017 published by Albert Whitman and illustrated by Jo Shin Lee and was named a top 100 book from the New York Public Library and a top 20 book from Mighty Girl. It was recently chosen as a selection for the DOE'S (Department of Education) NYC booklist and will be featured on the PBS NYC Thirteen show, Let's Learn. You can visit her at http://www.brendareevessturgis.com/home.html,and friend her on Facebook at Brenda Sturgis.

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Rate Your Story News, Contest Opportunity and Re-Subscribe Request

First -- Exciting News from Rate Your Story!

 Next, we our having some problem with the Constant Contact on my website, so I have created a new mailing list. Unfortunately, my web person has not updated the website site yet doing to being slammed with work. So please send me an e-mail 
with your name and preferred subscription e-mail address to:
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I look forward to keeping in touch with lots of good things in the new year!

And be sure to copy/share the above graphic on facebook and twitter and tag me for a chance to win those wonderful prizes!

Stay safe and well, Lynne Marie 

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The Story Behind the Story of God Covers Me by Amy Houts

This story behind the story starts long ago, when I was a child. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Christmas was my way in, was my introduction to Jesus. My  Jewish family celebrated Hannukah and Christmas. We decorated a Christmas tree and listened to carols sung by Harry Belafonte. But it wasn’t until I was in college that I believed the nativity story was true.

After getting married, I started writing. While at home watching my baby girl, Emily, it felt natural to write about another baby, Jesus. I wrote a poem, “The Five Senses of Christmas.” The St. Louis-based magazine, Alive! for Young Teens, published it in 1985 and paid me $5. I couldn’t have been happier. Someone else (besides my parents) thought my work was worth publishing.

Eight years later another dream came true. My first picture book—you guessed it! A Christmas-themed book—An A*B*C Christmas, was published by Standard Publishing. My editor at Standard, Diane Stortz, suggested a topic for my next book, “God’s Big Umbrella.” I loved that image! Comparing an umbrella keeping off the rain was the perfect symbol to explain to a child (and to myself) how God’s protection worked. I tried, but it didn’t come together. Off and on over the years, I tried to develop the concept of God’s big umbrella covering us from the rainstorms of life, but it didn’t work. Not until 2016.

By then, my “baby” Emily had a family of her own, twin boys and a girl on the way. I process things by writing them down. I felt so much love for my grandchildren. Living hours away from them (with no plans to move closer) was cause for concern. I longed to feel calmer, and again, tried working on the idea Diane had suggested, God’s umbrella of protection. It gave me lots of comfort. But, as it turned out, it wasn’t the image of an umbrella that inspired me. As I listened to the rain beating on the roof as I sat warm and cozy inside the house, I knew how to begin my book.

Like a roof protects a house,

Or a crawl space for a mouse,

I am safe and worry-free.

God’s protection covers me.

The story built from there following a little boy as he discovers animal homes on a farm and in nature, comparing them to God’s protection. Of course, I had to include the umbrella! It’s starts raining and the boy’s mother comes out to protect him from the rain. I have to smile describing that line. My husband grew up on a farm, did chores in the rain, and told me, “My mother never brought out an umbrella!”

In 2017, I received a contract from Sparkhouse Family (now Beaming Books). My insightful editor, Naomi Krueger, suggested the narrative center around the boy making his way home. I loved her idea. So the roof was moved to the end. We start with “Like a barn protects a cow...” And because my husband was a hog farmer, I rhymed the first line with, “…Or a Quonset for a sow.”

I was so honored that Mandy Arioto, President and CEO, MOPS International endorsed my book: “A charming book filled with truth that every kid needs to hear. This is my top children’s book pick of the year.” 

(Note: MOPS stands for "Mother's of Preschoolers." See www.mops.org.)  

The book was released in 2019, but is especially timely now. Looking to God for strength, knowing that He protects us, heart and soul and spirit, still gives me comfort, especially at this difficult time due to COVID-19. My hope is that readers take away the feeling of safety, peace, and joy that is offered by God’s protective care.

For more about the book, see: https://www.beamingbooks.com/store/product/9781506448565/God-Protection-Covers-Me

Download a free activity packet here: http://www.amyhouts.com/activity-packet--gods-protection-covers-me.html

Special offer: Personalized autographed book plate. Contact me at amysase[at]gmail.com.


Amy Houts is an author of over 100 children’s picture books, cookbooks, and board games that feature early learning concepts, family themes of love and friendship, and holiday celebrations. Amy’s numerous short stories, articles, and poems have appeared in Ladybug MagazineHighlights Hello, and Pockets Magazine. Her books include: The Giant Book of Bible Fingerplays for Preschoolers (Group Publishing)Think Like a Scientist (Pearson Learning Group); and Dora the Explorer Safety (Learning Horizons). 

Website: www.amyhouts.com

Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAmyHouts/

Twitter author handle: @AmyHouts

Instagram: @AmyHouts

Blog: http://www.amyhouts.com/amys-blog

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amyhouts/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/houtsandhome/

Amazon author central page: https://www.amazon.com/AmyHouts/e/B001KCOOL8/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

Goodreads author page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/102029.Amy_Houts

Additional author/book website(s): www.houtsandhome.com


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Celebrating National Family Day, One Day Late

 It was National Family Day on September 27, 2020, and if, like me, you were too busy working to celebrate, know this...

It's never too late to Celebrate FAMILY DAY!

Here are a few Covid-19 friendly ways to enjoy your day:

1.     Play a card game together

2.    Prepare a kid-friendly recipe together

        Check Out Let's Eat! Mealtime Around the World for some inspiration AND

        Make these recipes to share the world with your children: 


3.    Play a board game together

4.     Play with blocks or Lincoln Logs or Legos together

5.     Watch an animated movie together    

6.    Share/watch a classic children's film from your childhood        

7.    Take a walk together

8.    Draw a monster together, taking turns with each feature

9.     Decorate a Fall or Halloween Tree together

10.    Share a book together 

    Check Out Moldilocks and the Three Scares, a fractured fairy tale family story!


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The Story Behind the Story of Feliz New Year, Ava Gabriela! by Alexandra Alessandri

The Story Behind the Story: Feliz New Year, Ava Gabriela! by Alexandra Alessandri

Sometimes, stories are hard, coming out in spurts and piecing together like an elaborate puzzle, requiring heaps of patience and determination. Sometimes, stories are easy. They pour out of you fully formed. Feliz New Year, Ava Gabriela!, illustrated by Addy Rivera Sonda and releasing from Albert Whitman on October 1st, was one of the easy ones. When I sat down to write the first draft, I wrote it from beginning to end in one sitting. It was the first time that had happened to me and I didn’t know what to do with myself!

I realize now that the seeds for the story had been planted long before I sat down to write. They had been watered and nourished for several months. During January 2018, I participated in Tara Lazar’s Storystorm, and with Debbi Michiko Florence’s post, I remembered all those bits of my New Year’s Eve holidays with my family that I loved: the music and dancing, the food and sweets, the Año Viejo, our fun superstitions, like eating twelve grapes for good luck, having luggage ready for a well-traveled year ahead, cleaning the house to have a good start to the year. I just didn’t know what to do with these memories—yet. 

Then, that New Year’s Eve, we were standing outside with friends and their shy little girl. She barely said a word and hid behind her parents. She reminded me so much of myself when I was little. When the fireworks started at midnight, though, she squealed and jumped and wouldn’t stop talking. I remember telling her, “You found your voice!” Just like that, the story for Feliz New Year, Ava Gabriela! burst into existence fully formed. 

In many ways, Feliz New Year, Ava Gabriela! is an ode to everything I loved about celebrating New Year’s Eve with my family. But, it’s also a validation for shy kids everywhere. Ava’s mamá tells her, There’s nothing wrong with being shy. When you’re ready, your voice will come out and play.” That’s the message I hope will resonate with readers. 

Alexandra Alessandri is a Colombian American poet, children’s author, and Associate Professor of English at Broward College. Her poetry has appeared in The Acentos Review, Rio Grande Review, Atlanta Review, and YARN. Her debut Feliz New Year, Ava Gabriela! releases October 1, 2020 from Albert Whitman & Company, followed by Isabel and Her Colores Go to School in fall 2021 from Sleeping Bear Press. Alexandra lives in Florida with her husband and son. 

Social Media Links:

Buy Links:

BONUS: Signed and personalized copies are available through Books & Books here: https://shop.booksandbooks.com/book/9780807504505. Leave a note with the personalization in the order comments field when checking out.

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Check Out *WHO* Is a Round One Fiction Picture Book Judge for the Cybils Awards 2020


So excited to be on an AMAZING team of Bloggers and Judges! 

AND so happy to have you all along on my reading journey!

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Three Reasons to Read: FRY BREAD by Kevin Noble Maillard, Art by Juana Martinez-Neal

Fry Bread - A Native American Family Story

AUTHOR: Kevin Noble Maillard

ILLUSTRATOR: Juana Martinez-Neal

PUBLISHER: Roaring Brook Press, 10/2019


Fry bread is food.
It is warm and delicious, piled high on a plate.

Fry bread is time.
It brings families together for meals and new memories.

Fry bread is nation.
It is shared by many, from coast to coast and beyond.

Fry bread is us.
It is a celebration of old and new, traditional and modern, similarity and difference.


1. Its lovely free verse is filled with images and emotions that are clear and effective. 

2. The art is beautiful and diverse and kid-friendly. 

3. Fry Bread is a wonderful metaphor for a heritage that allows the reader to grow in their understanding of what it means, starting small, with food and building with each example until it becomes all of us! 

Purchase Fry Bread HERE.

NOTE: FRY BREAD was a favorite at one of my Weekly "Tinker and Talk" Book Chats. Feel free to join us! Open until 12/31/2020 and then, available only to Rate Your Story Memberships. 

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REVISION TIPS: Serving Up Another Morsel

      In case you missed it -- 

MORE "bite-sized" tips from ME for Revision Week HERE

over at Lauren Kerstein's Blog. 

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Celebrating reVISION Week with my Cyber Home Girls Joana, Katie, Lauren, Michal, and Shannon

WELCOME to our 2nd annual #ReVISIONweek! Joana, Katie, Lauren, Michal, Shannon, and I are thrilled to be able to bring this back again, despite this year's challenges. 

We've worked hard to create bite-sized tips to help you through the trying times with your writing. 

CLICK HERE for My Revision Week Tip for 9/11 

Be sure follow Lauren Kerstein's blog to get my next tip, as well as the rest of the tips!

And, don't forget...

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The Story Behind the Story of MOOTILDA by Kirsti Call

Buy Mootilda HERE: https://amzn.to/3aJsIz2

When Mootilda wakes up on the wrong side of the barn and experiences one cow-tastrophe after another, she has to figure out how to turn her bad moooood around. 

As soon as Corey Rosen Schwartz and I brainstormed Mootilda into existence, we knew we had to write about her. We wanted to write something social emotional (since I’m a therapist) and funny (since we both love to laugh) so we filled the story with wordplay and a repeating refrain: “I’m in a bad moooood!” 

Our first version of the story involved a coyote and Mootilda saving the day by scaring him away with her bad mood. We thought the story was perfect in every way and asked our agent to send it out immediately. She sent it to three editors and when Courtney Fahy at Little Bee told us she wanted a tiny tweak, we were thrilled. But her tweak involved taking the coyote out! WHAT?!?! NOOOOOOOO! We absolutely could not take him out! But we talked to our families and critique partners and somehow mooogically figured out a way to make the story work without the coyote. And Mootilda’s Bad Mood is vastly better because of it. 

I’m over the moooooon excited to see Mootilda out in the world on September 1st. And in case you’re curious, I’m almost always in a good mooooooood! 

BIO: Kirsti Call is co-coordinator of ReFoReMo. She reads, reviews, revises and critiques every day as a 12x12 elf, a blogger for Writer's Rumpus, and a member of critique groups. She's judged the CYBILS award for fiction picture books since 2015. Kirsti's picture book, MOOTILDA'S BAD MOOD (Little Bee) debuts fall 2020. COW SAYS MEOW (HMH) and COLD TURKEY (Little Brown) release in 2021. Kirsti is represented by Emma Sector at Prospect Agency.

To find out more about Kirsti and her
moo-velous upcoming books, visit:

@kirsticall (instagram) 
 Kirstine Erekson Call (facebook) 
@kirsticall (Twitter)

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THREE REASONS TO READ: Meet Miss Fancy by Irene Latham


Illustrator: John Holyfield                            

Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2019

Jacket Flap:
Frank has always loved elephants, from their hosepipe trunks and flip-flap ears to their tree-stump feet 
and swish-swish tails. But he's never seen one in real life. More than anything, Frank wants to pet an 
elephant. He thinks he just might get his chance when Miss Fancy, a circus elephant, retires to 
Birmingham's Avondale Park. 

But disappointment sets in quickly when Frank relizes he won't be allowed to pet her, after all. The year
is 1913 and Avondale Park is segregated. The NO COLORED ALLOWED sign looms large and means
Frank's dream will stay a dream...unless he can find a way to change things. 

Based on the true history of Miss Fancy who lived in Birmingham, Alabama's Avondale Park until 1934, 
Meet Miss Fancy is an endearing and heartrending story set in the era when Jim crow reigned supreme, 
largely unchecked but for the dreams and will of those who thought they could make a difference. 


1.    An important book that is an absolute sweet, inspiring, engaging read with a delightful main character!
       It's so easy to identify with Frank. 
2.    Such beautifully drawn, yet animated art. 
3.   It's based on history and weaves in interesting truths, truths we should learn, and histories that should
      never happen again.