Thursday, July 7, 2016

INTERVIEW WITH DAX VARLEY, YA Horror/Paranormal Author by Lynne Marie

As an old-timer from "Childrens-Writers on Yahoo Groups," I am thrilled to interview Dotti Enderle, who now writes young adult horror novels under the pseudonym Dax Varley.

1. When did you begin your publication journey?

I began publishing in 1995, subbing to children’s magazines. By 2000 I had over 100 stories, poems, and articles published.

2.    What type of books did you write?

I’m all about horror and paranormal. Love, love, love it!

3.    How long were you writing/studying children’s literature before you became published?

I was only submitting for a year before my first magazine piece was published. But my first book The Lost Girl (Fortune Tellers Club) came out in September 2002. Getting that call in 2001 was the happiest day of my life.

4.    Which was your first published book? Tell us a little bit about it.

The Lost Girl was the first book in my Fortune Tellers Club series. The series focuses on three girls who use divination to solve mysteries.

5.     How did you come up with your Ghost Detective series by Dotti Enderle?

I sat down and started writing the first one and it all just spilled out. I’ve written many of my books that way. I love discovering the plot and characters as they materialize on the page.

6.    How did you make the shift and begin writing young adult horror?

I’d always read so much YA and wanted to write it. I love YA. I’ll probably always write YA.

7.     Were you a horror movie fan? If so, what is your top three favorite horror movies?

Oh yes! I grew up with the Universal Monsters.  My top three:
The Exorcist
The Changeling (George C. Scott)
Tie between Psycho and Carrie

8.    How did you come up with the Dax Varley pseudonym?

Varley is my maiden name. I knew I wanted a one syllable first name, and spent some time in thought. I kept thinking, I want to keep the D and ax the rest. It suddenly snapped.

9.    If you could be a “monster,” which type would you choose?

Something feline with the ability to steal into a person’s room and steal their breath while they sleep.

10.                        Tell us a little bit about your latest book.

My latest is Sinful, a stand-alone book in the Bleed series. It’s currently up for nomination at Kindle Scout. Here’s the blurb:
Sam, a sin eater, is asked to absolve the sins of Rebel Walker, a billionaire infected with a lifetime of evil. Now Reb’s corpse has vanished with Sam being the last to see it. But who’d snatch it...and why? The dead can’t get up and walk out. Or can they? Drawn into a labyrinth of murder, mystery, and pure horror, Sam battles paranormal forces, as well as his own personal demons—all while pursuing the mysterious new girl at school.

11.  What’s coming next from you?

ABDO Publishing is releasing four books in my Demon Slayer series in September. And I’m currently writing the third book in my Sleepy Hollow series.

12. Are your books entirely fictional or inspired by true events?

 It depends on which one, but there’s some of my own life or family memories in all my books.

13. If true events, describe a true event that inspired you and became a book.

My novel Crosswire is based on the fence-cutting war in Texas in 1883, and my Fortune Tellers Club series (now retitled Oracles) was inspired by my own childhood.

Thanks, Dotti, for this engaging interview -- we look forwarding to reading more from you in the future!

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