Saturday, March 11, 2017

PPBF (Late): Norbert's Big Dream by Lori Degman, Illustrated by Marco Bucci

Title: Norbert's Big Dream 
Written By: Lori Degman
Illustrated By: Marco Bucci
Published By: Sleeping Bear Press, 2016
Genre: Fiction 
Suitable For Ages: 4-8
Themes/Topics: Persistence, Determination. 
Most pigs are satisfied just rolling in the mud, or slurping slop, or snoozing in the shade. 
But not Norbert. 
Norbert was a pig with a dream. 
Since he was a wee piglet, Norbert dreamed of swimming the English Channel. 
Brief SynopsisFrom the publisher: “Norbert has always dreamed of swimming in the English Channel, and though he trans every day, he realizes he does not know where it is, but his pig friends help him succeed in his swimming quest. 
Why I Like This Book: One word. Norbert. Who couldn't love a pig with a dream? And he is unique, quirky and adorably drawn in a cute Howard Fine-ish style. To be honest I am not sure whether I love the text or art more, and they are absolutely perfect together.  Even more brilliant is the subtle suggestion of being active over being lazy, as well as the inspiration to travel outside your comfort zone.  Dear Norman was not just a dreamer, but a doer! What a great example for little ones who dream, and perhaps even to those who don't that they should. 
Five Stars and a 2016 Cybils Picture Book Award Nomination from me! 
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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