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[PPBF] A Review of Bonaparte Falls Apart Written by Margery Cuyler and Illustrated by Will Terry

TitleBonaparte Falls Apart 
Written By:  Margery Cuyler 
Illustrated By: Will Terry 
Published By: Crown Books for Young Readers, 2017

Genre: Fiction 
Suitable For Ages: 4-8
Themes/Topics: Coping, Confidence 
Bonaparte was falling to pieces, and this really shook him up,

     especially when he rode his bike, 
     or played catch,
     or visited the doctor's office. 
Brief Synopsis

From the publisher: Bonaparte is falling to pieces. When he plays catch, his throwing arm literally takes a flier.

And eating lunch is a real jaw-dropping experience. 

Luckily, Bonaparte's well-meaning friends have some boneheaded ideas to help pull him together. 

But will it be enough to boost his confidence and get him ready for the first day of school? 
Why I Like This Book: Bonaparte is a sweet, likeable character with universal appeal. With all of us having our own differences that make us unlike the rest, who doesn't know how he feels? Thankfully, with a little help from his friends, Bonaparte finds a way to run and romp just like his classmates, despite his physical challenges. As a parent of children with different abilities (my son has mild cerebral palsy and my daughter has Asperger's and other syndromes) I LOVE, LOVE this book. Also, I really ADORE that the friends play a strong role in solving Bonaparte's problem. I hope children get the message in this that they can be strong admirable characters by helping someone in need, other than themselves. What a wonderful example to put forward! And the adorable art by Will Terry is monstrously wonderful! A great book ANY time of year including back-to-school, but especially extra fun at Halloween. 

Four Stars from Me!

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