Friday, March 1, 2019

PPBF: THE WHISPERING TOWN by Jennifer Elvgren Illustrated by Fabio Santomauro

Title: The Whispering TownAuthor: Jennifer ElvgrenIllustrator: Fabio Santomauro Publisher: KarBen PublishingDate: 2014

Jacket Flap: It is 1943 in Nazi-occupied Denmark. Anett and her parents are hiding a Jewish woman and her son, Carl, in in their celler until a fishing boat can take them across the sound to neutral Sweden. Worried about their safety, Anett thinks of a clever and unusual plan to get them safely to the harbor. Based on a true story. 

My goodness, this is an awesome and inspiring true tale! I only hope in my lifetime that I could make a difference in someone's lives like this. And I am thankful that this book has sowed seeds that, in the event that I can do so, I will! THIS is what reading is all about. While this book was not about me, or my life, or anything close to it, it spoke to me. And when I closed the cover, I was somehow changed and perhaps even better than I was before. 

I think this is a wonderful book to use as a tool to introduce the Holocaust to little ones without overwhelming them too much. The reason is that although it is a story of the Holocaust, it's a story of humanity, hope and kindness. It's a story of friendship and a clever solution to a problem that god forbid we should ever have again. 

It is a perfect picture book, in a world that I hope will one day united and strive to be perfect. And by that, all I mean is "kind." 

BRAVO! Jennifer and Fabio for your well-woven words and your appropropriately stark illustrations that still manage to show the heart that shines in those who are kind.  

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