Monday, March 2, 2020

THREE REASONS TO READ: Let's Get a Pup Said Kate by Bob Graham
TITLE: Let's Get a Pup Said Kate
PUBLISHER: Candlewick Press, 2001

And she saw them. 
She was old and gray and broad as a table.
It was difficult for her to get to her feet, but she stood, it seemed, almost politely. 
Her eyes watered, her ears went back, and she radiated Good Intention. 

My wish for you," said Dad. "is that you could lie on someone's living room floor."
"Or on their couch," said Mom.
"Or on their bed," said Kate. 


1.    It's a heartwarming book about shelter adoptions and last chances. 
2.    It highlights the benefits of adopting older dogs, rather than puppies.  
3.    It's a little progressive in the portrayal of people for 2001 which is nice and still portrays the message is that heart makes the world go round and is what matters most. And of course, the most important message is "give a dog a home." 

BONUS TAKEAWAY: It is written in a way that will appeal to adults as well, so it is a wonderful book to be shared between adult and child and will inspire a conversation between the two when selecting a dog for their very own.

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