Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Counting Down to a Big Announcement and The Picture Book Mechanic Prices Going UP!

I'm excited to share that I will have a big announcement coming soon! More details to come on January 1, 2021!

Because of my announcement, I will be raising my pricing menu over at The Picture Book Mechanic Critique, Consultation and Mentoring Services. While you will be paying a little more, you will be getting a little more bang for your buck! You'll find out why, in just four days!  

However, because you have all been such wonderful and supportive clients, I wanted to give you a heads up and allow you to pre-purchase items for next year at the current pricing. 


If you are going to be serious about becoming published in the next year, I recommend my "Month of Mentoring," which can be broken up over a longer period than one month. 

I have not had time to update my website with my many accolades, but I can certainly provide referrals upon request. 

This offer ends December 31, 2020 at 11:59 PM. No exceptions.

Also feel free to check out Rate Your Story for Ratings and Feedback.

I hope to have the opportunity to assist you on your journey to publication! 

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