Tuesday, October 12, 2010

RANT: Up with Picture Books! by Lynne Marie

I am a positive person with passion, dedication and determination. When I finally began submitting my picture book manuscripts (after many years of college-level classes, SCBWI conferences, ICL classes, critique groups, etc.), my rejections were positive and personal. And finally, after approximately twelve years (with a five-year hiatus during which I gave birth to my daughter, enjoyed her toddler years and got her off to kindergarten), I am having my first picture book HEDGEHOG GOES TO KINDERGARTEN published with Scholastic, with other picture books under consideration.

I am not going to let anyone rain on my parade.

Although I have heard the recent negative buzz about picture books and can gather the gist, I haven't read any of the articles, nor do I intend to.

I am not going to be one of those people who circulates depressing news about the decline of the picture books. Not only because I write them, but because I read them and LOVE them. Because my daughter reads them and LOVES them. Because I see them read in the class room. Because I see them read in the library. Because people love looking at beautiful pictures.  Because picture books are absolutely wonderful, marvelous things that take on a life of their own!

Tthe NY Times has been wrong before. They CAN be wrong now.
And they WILL be wrong again.

is buy MORE picture books. Give them as gifts to teachers. Give them as gifts to friends. Birthday presents, holiday presents, just because presents! Give them as contest offerings on my blog.

Here's a quote for you: A Picture Book a day keeps DECLINE away!


Up with Picture Books! Rather than waste time and energy reading an article that will depress you, go out and buy a picture book today. That'll show 'em!

Here's the picture book I'm going to get today: Quackenstein Hatches a Family by my dear friend Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen.

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  1. As an aspiring picture book writer myself, I hear what you're saying, Lynne! UP with picture books, focus on the positive.

    But to be honest, I was thrilled to read that NYT article. I think that all these folks talking about the decline of picture books are helping to promote them. People are talking about them, remembering how much picture books meant to them as a child, and how they shared them with their own children. And I think that, like you, lots of people are feeling protective of picture books, the cultural treasures that they are.

    Picture books are here to stay. :)

  2. You are definitely right, Heather. That's how the publishing of article affected me, actually. But the main thing is that TALK is cheap. We need to go out and BUY picture books. That is what will make ALL the difference.

  3. The Book Trailer for this book has JUST released!

  4. OMG -- what a FUNTABULOUS book trailer! I cannot thank you enough for sharing it <3 SMOOCH!

  5. GREAT post! I couldn't agree more. And you're right--it's one thing to talk about how important/wonderful/valued picture books are and another to show it. Love your positivity Lynne!