Monday, September 26, 2016

A REVIEW OF: Monday Is Wash Day, written by Mary Ann Sundby. Illustrated by Tessa Blackham.

BOOK: Monday is Wash Day
AUTHOR: Mary Ann Sundby
ILLUSTRATOR: Tessa Blackham
PUBLISHER: Ripple Grove Press
PUBLICATION DATE: September 27, 2016

SNIPPET: Rain or shine, Monday is wash day. Mama brags that Annie and I help do the wash. "Can't I just go out and play?" I ask in my kindest voice.

"First we work, and then we play." Mama smiles but walks with purpose to the porch.

REVIEW: Right away, the tone of the text and the warm, hand-painted collage illustrations are perfectly paired. One by one the family gathers clothes until interesting historical laundry method steps and a simpler life reveal themselves in well-thought out prose.

For me, this book provided a heart-felt reminder of a task that disappeared when I was very young. For my daughter, this book is a timeless portrait of how things were done in the days of her great, great grandparents and as a reminder to count the blessings of a modern life.

REVIEWED BY: Lynne Marie. The opinions stated herein are entirely my own.

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