Saturday, November 26, 2016

PPBF: A Review of Drat That Fat Cat by Julia Patton

REVIEW BY: Lynne Marie

TITLE: Drat That Fat Cat
PUBLISHER: Albert Whitman

Cornelius Van Ploof lived alone. He collected very rare species of cacti. He disliked noises and mess.

One Sunday morning, there was a DING DONG meow at the front door.

REVIEW: From the onset the cover of this book hooks the reader with a not-your-run-of-the-mill-fat-cat via active and engaging art. As the story begins, we meet our somewhat funny-looking and quirky main character, with his fun-to-say name and unique characteristics that set him apart from generic main characters. His personality, by nature, hints at that the problem might be. And when that Ding Dong arrives, little ones will have fun knowing who is at the door and the chaos he will cause in Cornelius' life. They will definitely want to follow Cornelius' story as he strays from his usual, ordinary day to a life with that fat cat!

I loved this book. All of it. From the cover, to the end papers, to the last page which promises another adventure in the reader's mind, and perhaps another fabulous book! I love the subtle message that our blessings come in all shapes, sizes and weights, and that we don't always realize our blessings are blessings until we have time to reflect on them and see them in a proper light. But message aside, this is an adorable book that will appeal to many ages on many levels and truly a fun read aloud.

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