Saturday, April 1, 2017

PB REVIEW: Where Are the Words by Jodi McKay, Pictures by Denise Holmes

TITLE: Where Are the Words?
AUTHOR: Jodi McKay
ILLUSTRATOR: Denise Holmes
PUBLISHER: Albert Whitman 

REVIEW BY: Lynne Marie

JACKET FLAP: Period wants to write a story. But he can't find the words. Can Question Mark help him look? Hold on! Exclamation Point found some words! Now that they have the words and gathered friends along the way, the big question is: Can they work together to create a story?

SNIPPET: I have some words: Once upon a time...

REVIEW: I thought this was a fun and clever way to teach children whether at home, school or homeschool to understand the different functions of punctuation and words, and how they all work together (sometimes better than others) to create a story and amuse readers. 

NOTE: The opinions reflected herein are my own.

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