Monday, July 24, 2017

[Board Book] A Review of Birthday Counting by Barbara Barbieri McGrath (Art by Peggy Tagel)

Titlez:Birthday Counting

Written By:
  Barbara Barbieri McGrath
Illustrated By: Peggy Tagel
Published By: Charlesbridge Publishing, 2017
Genre: Concept Book / Counting 
Suitable For Ages: 2-4
 Themes/Topics: Counting / Birthdays

Opening:  Welcome to the birthday party! Six colorful balloons help decorate the room. 

Why I Like This Book: In yet another sturdy, quality concept from Charlesbridge with bright colors and engaging art, a child gets to count down from 6 and enjoy a birthday celebration. Just another wonderful board book in their "First Celebrations" collection. These book make perfect shower gifts and/or Grandma visit gifts, or just because I love you gifts for any little one! 

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