Friday, July 28, 2017

[PPBF] Mind Boggling Numbers by Michael J. Rosen (Art by Julia Patton)

TitleMind Boggling Numbers
Written By:  Michael J. Rosen
Illustrated By: Julia Patton
Published By: Millbrook Press/Lerner, 2016

Genre: Fiction 
Suitable For Ages: 7-11

Themes/Topics: Math Problems/Solving
Dear Ms. Mary Math, 
If I want a piggy bank that can hold a million pennies, how big does it need to be? 
- Super Saver, Sandusky, OH
Brief SynopsisFrom the publisher: If you could hike to the moon, how long would it take? Just how many glasses of lemonade would you need to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool? If everyone on Earth owned exactly the same amount of land, how big would your yard be? And how much time would you spend mowing the lawn? Learn the math behind these questions in a hilarious romp through weight, volume, distance and more. The 12 zany scenarios add up to a ton of fun. 

Why I Like This Book: If you're trying to interest kids in math, this book is a big plus! Active and engaging, this book will inspire children to wonder about the "math" of things. I am personally not a big math fan, however, this book and it's equations were unbelievably interesting, AND fun! I don't know which was more interest, the art or the text, so I'll call it even
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  1. This books looks like a fun way to teach kids about numbers and math.