Friday, August 11, 2017

PPBF: Are We Pears Yet? By Miranda Paul (Pictures by Carin Berger)

TitleAre We Pears Yet?
Written By:  Miranda Paul
Pictures By: Carin Berger
Published By: Roaring Brook Press, 2017

Imprint: Neal Porter Books 

Genre: Fiction (STEM) 
Suitable For Ages: 4-8
Themes/Topics: Science (Growth Cycle) 

Are we pears yet?

No. We are seeds.

Brief SynopsisFrom the publisher: Join two young seeds who just can't wait to grow up and become pears in this clever and hilarious informational picture book that will make you look at growth cycles and fruit trees in a whole new way. 
Why I Like This Book: Filled with puns, this is a fun and simple (yet entertaining) way to convey the science of the growth cycle of a fruit tree to little ones. I really enjoyed the clever and theatrical way of teaching a concept in a clear and understandable way. 
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