Saturday, August 12, 2017

PB REVIEW: Blobfish Throws a Party by Miranda Paul (Art by Maggie Caton)

TitleBlobfish Throws a Party 

Written By:  Miranda Paul
Illustrated By: Maggie Caton
Published By: Bonnier, 2017

Imprint: Little Bee Books

Genre: Fiction  
Suitable For Ages: 4-8
Themes/Topics: Loneliness, Hunger 

Blobfish lived at the bottom of the ocean. 
The dark, lonely bottom of the ocean. 
With no lights and no friends. 
And no delicious treats. 

Brief SynopsisFrom the publisher: Blobfish lives at the bottom of the ocean with no lights, no friends, and no delicious treats. The only way he can think to change is to 1. Throw a party or 2 save the world in true hero style. He decide to go with option #1. 

However, when he announces "Deep-sea party!" Bring a treat to share! the mermaids hear cheap free party! Sling on a sheet to wear!" and the shorebirds hear "Cheep-peep party! Sing and tweet with flair" and so on!

Soon the whole world is partying in strange and wacky ways and Blobfish is still sad and alone at the bottom of the sea. will Blobfish get his lights, friends and delicious treats?

Why I Like This Book: Blobfish is a unique and interesting character. Children will definitely feel for him, all alone on the bottom of the sea. And despite his circumstances, Blobfish comes out of his comfort zone and attempts to solve his problem in a way that makes a ripple pass around the world and solve his problem in a fun and wacky way. 

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