Sunday, August 13, 2017

PB REVIEW: The Great Pasta Escape by Miranda Paul (Illustrated by Javier Joaquin)

Title: The Great Pasta Escape
Written By:  Miranda Paul
Illustrated By: Javier Joaquin
Published By: Bonnier, 2017

Imprint: Little Bee Books

Genre: Fiction  
Suitable For Ages: 4-8

Themes/Topics: Working together 

 Since the beginning of their lives 
(which was earlier that morning),
the pasta at the factory followed the rules.

They stuck to their own kind. 

They stayed still in their packaging.

And they never spoke to humans. 

Brief SynopsisFrom the publisher:  That is, until they discovered what it really means to be be eaten by humans! Fettuccine is scared, Rame in outraged, and Macaroni is just trying to keep the peace among all the pasta. Will they be able to all work together to use their noodles and cook up a great escape? 

Why I Like This Book: Punny pasta might just be the most delicious of all. A fun and entertaining way to learn pasta shapes and plan a great escape. 

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