Sunday, April 5, 2020

My #COVID19 Quarantine Inspirational To Do List (Including JOURNALING, WRITING and CREATING)

I wanted to inspire others to make #COVID19 Quarantine Lists of things they will do/learn during this time. Here's mine.

DAILY: Keeping a Journal - This is a standard quick activity to stay sane. The other items on my list are to bring extra light :) 

1. Make 1000 Japanese Paper Origami cranes to fill a Jar like in REPLY 1988.
2. Begin my Korean Language Learning for my Trip
How to Say Rabbit in Korean – Word of the Day | Learn Basic Korean ...

3. Paint a Picture
Fluffy Flamingos - Burlington Paint and Sip Studio
4. Create a Cut-Paper Art Picture

5. Write that PB Bio I've been meaning to Write
Anime waifus are better then historical figures. : Animemes

6. Address my Christmas Cards Early

7. Read a Book I've Been Meaning to Read FOREVER!
The Island of Sea Women: A Novel by [See, Lisa]
8. Clean out my Closets (I WISH)
Custom Closets | Design and Install | Closet Factory
9. Start a Yoga Routine
YOGA! Gentle and Hatha Yoga Sessions - Bellaire Chamber of Commerce
10. There's that proposal I owe my publisher ---
Write - Apps on Google Play
BONUS: Play MORE Board Games
The Value of Board Games – WOW! Children's Museum
Bonus: Learn to Play Korean Baduk (Go)
Cornerstone Baduk - Home
Bonus: Grow vegetables from scraps
How to Regrow Vegetable Scraps - Simple Bites
And to add to this list once any item drops off!

Please make your own list. We can get through this.

Feel free to share in the comments. It's hard, but as Authors and Writers we must write through this. 




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