Saturday, February 6, 2021

EVENT: Bright Lights and Night Lights - Evaluating Ideas

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Ideas that Shine and Ideas to Put to Bed

Many of you have completed 2021 Story Storm or gathered story ideas for January. Congratulations! But now, what do you do with them? There's certain criteria that must be met when deciding which idea is the brightest and shiniest and merits pursuing. We will discuss these in an interactive setting where all with gain valuable tools for mining ideas. 

WHAT:         On-the-spot Idea Critiques and Discussion 

WHEN:         February 17, 2021

TIME:           6:30 pm EST

COST:         $5.50 for RYS Members, $7.50 for Non-Members

WHERE:     The Picture Book Mechanic's Zoom Room


To sign up for this event:

Pay the Webinar Fee of $5.50 (RYS Members) or $7.50 (Non-Members) to E-mail your receipt to me at: 

Enter the Zoom Room above between 6:15 an 6:30 PM EST. 

Several/many participants will share a few of their ideas and we will discuss the criteria for pursuing or moving on. 

Listen and learn! 

Any questions, please e-mail me at:

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