Thursday, December 2, 2010

WRITING TIP: Give the Dog A Bone by Lynne Marie

Two days ago, PiBoIdMo ended. I achieved my goal of 30 ideas in 30 days! It was so much fun and so productive, but now I really miss it. The daily goals, the inspirational blog posts in my in-box, the comments from fellow authors, illustrators and writers. I'm already going through withdrawals. Unfortunately, I haven't been yet been able to sink my teeth into my delicious ideas, but that time is coming soon. Still, I loved having those daily goals hanging over my head. And for the rest of you who did too, I want to throw you a bone, and give you something to chew on over the next month.

The Picture Book Marathon is coming February, with training in January. Sign-ups should be posted in early December:

So start gearing up for the race. Stretch those muscles and practice your craft! Good luck you you!

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