Friday, June 17, 2016

PPBF: Lorenzo the Pizza Loving Lobster by Claire Lordon

Written & Illustrated By: Claire Lordon
Little Bee Books, 2016 
Suitable For Ages: 2-5
Themes/Topics: Persistence, Fun with Food
Opening: Lorenzo was an adventurous lobster who loved discovering new foods and exploring fun places. 
Brief SynopsisWhen Lorenzo, an adventurous lobster, experiences Pizza for the first time, he rushes off to share his new discovery with his best friend Kalena. Despite being unsure of the ingredients, Lorenzo and Kalena attempt to make their own pizza pie, with comical results. Seaweed Sand Dollar Pizza, anyone? 
Disappointed with their pizza failure, Kalena leaves Lorenzo's home in search of lunch when she finds the perfect solution. This time, they study every little bit so that they can cook their own and make it right! 
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Read the book, and then have fun and make your own pizza!
Why I Like This Book:   LORENZO THE PIZZA-LOVING LOBSTER is a fun and engaging book for little ones. The illustrations are cute and colorful. We also thought the book inspires a multitude of art projects, one of which we have produced and featured here. 

My daughter and I look forward to more of Lorenzo's adventures from Little Bee Books (a division of Bonnier Publishing). 

Because I thought this book is perfect to read to little ones during a class or library story time, I designed a puppet that can be copied and used during those times. 

I used glue, one sandwich bag, three pieces of red construction paper, one scrap of blue construction paper, one scrap of white construction paper, one scrap of yellow construction paper, one scrap of pink construction paper and one scrap of black construction paper. 

To make the lobster back, I placed a brown paper sandwich bag in the center of a full red sheet and traced it. I then drew a lobster back around it. Cut out and paste on. In addition, I cut strips to cover the front, a head, two lobster arms and a tail, all  using the paper back as a guide for sizing, and glued them all all. I also free cut the hat, the eyes, whiskers and tongue and glued them on as well, and voila, a story-time pal! 

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