Tuesday, June 21, 2016

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY of Maxfield Parrish: Painter of Make Believe by Lois V. Harris

Art pulls me toward the subjects of my books. While researching for my second book, Charlie Russell: Tale-Telling Cowboy Artist, I learned Charlie was impressed with Maxfield Parrish’s use of color. I was not familiar with Parrish’s art, but if Russell, who is considered the greatest western artist, was affected by Parrish’s work, I would look for it when I finished the Russell project. In 2009 I located an 1897 copy of L. Frank Baum’s Mother Goose in Prose in the University of Washington’s Special Collections Library. The book was the first Parrish would illustrate. I sat in the library turning the yellowed pages admiring the illustrations. Parrish’s imagination showed in his characters’ medieval costumes backed by turrets and forts. But it was the colors in the illustrations that impressed me, like Russell. Parrish’s colors were bold and strong as though they were finished yesterday. I decided to research Maxfield Parrish and his art and soon knew I had the subject of my next inspiring life story. Maxfield Parrish: Painter of Magical Make-Believe, filled with colorful art images, was published in 2011.  

Lois V. Harris is the author of children's magazine articles and stories. Her books are Mary Cassatt: Impressionist Painter, Charlie Russell: Tale-Telling Cowboy Artist, Maxfield Parrish: Painter of Magical Make-Believe and coming in Spring 2017, "Lotta Crabtree: Gold Rush Fairy Star." Lois is a member of The Authors Guild, the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators, and a Writing Instructor at Skagit Valley College, Mount Vernon, Washington. She lives in Anacortes, Washington, and writes to inspire children to follow their dreams. Check out her website at www.loisharris.net

Maxfield Parrish: Painter of Magical Make-Believe, the inspiring life of the popular artist known for his imagination and style who helped develop the future of visual arts. Colorful images of his ads, calendars, landscapes, murals, posters, and illustrations for children's books accompany the story.  
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  1. I love the look of this book. I couldn't find the one on Mary Anning. Please could you give more information.
    I will look for Lois books in the library.Thanks Lynne.