Tuesday, June 14, 2016

TWO FOR ONE REVIEWS: Eat Your US History Homework: Recipes for Revolutionary Minds, Written by Anne McCallum

 I'll admit I was looking for this book because it was illustrated by Leeza Hernandez and I just adore her quirky art. But boy was I in for a tasty surprise!

I agree that, as this book says, "History is full of flavor."  And there's no better way to see just how flavorful than to "eat your history homework!" My only regret is that this book only covers the revolutionary period.

Included, along with fascinating history, are historical timeline, kitchen tips, historical background, diagrams, historical review, glossary and "recipes for revolutionary minds." Recipes represent a span of people from the Native American tribes to the earliest British/Dutch settlers, which are known as the pilgrims (which makes it a great Thanksgiving book as well).   

Whether your child is a history lover or a history avoider, this is the perfect book to serve up during a meal. The text is engaging, the illustrations and modern and entertaining, and, after all, who wouldn't enjoy a bowl of Independence Icecream or Colonial Cherry Berry Grunt? 

My daughter also read along in this book -- as a lover of picture books, picture book art, history and baking, she devoured each and every word.  And she said -- who doesn't love bunnies? She loved the art and the fun details it included, as did I.  

So now's your chance to serve up a plate of history that all will enjoy! And for me, I have two parting comments. One is YUM! And the other is that I hope the Charlesbridge decides to release more books for more historical periods. 

Now pardon me while I go off and eat some history homework! 

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