Tuesday, August 16, 2016

TWO FOR TUESDAY REVIEW: Miranda Paul's Trainbots Review by Lynne Marie and Kayla Michelle

TRAINBOTS by Miranda Paul
Illustrated by Shane McG
Bonnier Publishing / Little Bee Books, 2016

     Trainbots drawing, sawing, building.
     Hammer, clamor, lots of gilding.

As you can easily see, Trainbots, by Miranda is off to a rolling start. If the title and cover and art weren't enough to grab you along for the ride, the rollicking rhyme will!

Shane McG's art builds on Miranda's imagination in a most creative and inspiring way.

As the Trainbots roll on, we discover an actual storyline with good vs. evil (Trainbots vs. Badbots) and enjoy the rhythm of the ride until "engine's stopping, hitches popping. Now the train is flip-flopping!" But not to worry, the Trainbots are scanning and planning and are sure to save the day.

We thought this book worked on so many levels and provides fun for everyone. Clever characters, action and adventure, engaging plotline and fun rhyme -- and were thrilled to go along for the ride.

Reading this book inspired us to make one of our own signature book- inspired Puppets. And here's our very own Trainbot, ready to join the fight for good. We've named this Trainbot Heartbot and will gladly send him to one lucky winner. All you have to do is comment on the page and send a picture of your child with Miranda Paul's Trainbot book to us at LiterallyLynneMarie@Gmail.com by August 31st to win.

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