Friday, October 7, 2016

PPBF: A Review of Lucy's Lovey by Betsy Devany, Illustrated by Christopher Denise
BOOK: Lucy's Lovey
AUTHOR: Betsy Devaney
ILLUSTRATOR: Christopher Denise
PUBLICATION DATE: September, 2016

SUMMARY: Lucy's favorite doll, Smelly Baby, is her most loyal companion. They are simply inseparable. Smelly Baby may be pretty ragtag and well, smelly, but her smell is very much a part of why Lucy loves her so much.  Then disaster strikes when Lucy's lovey is LOST! What will Lucy do without her beloved Smelly Baby.

REVIEW: From the moment this book began (Lucy had 17 doll babies.), I couldn't wait to learn more about the adorably vivacious little girl on the cover of this book, and her numerous doll babies. Her doll babies did not disappoint and were aptly named by Betsy Devany and beautifully/humorously drawn by Christopher Denise. As the story moves on we get to see why Smelly Baby was so-named, as well as the special relationship shared between her and Lucy.

As if Lucy and her loveys were not darling enough, we soon meet Grandma Nell and her sister Ivy and an absolutely adorable pug named Slasher, who has a drooling problem. When the story hints at how Stasher loves stuffies, the story tension increases, and we know something's about to happen to Smelly Baby. Oh, no! Although Smelly Baby, now smellier, is found, things go from bad to worse on the car ride home.

Lucy's Lovey presents a universal problem that both kids and adults alike can identify with or recall, and comes with a built-in fabulous tip for recovering lost loveys. It's a wonderfully cute, but smelly, story with outstanding illustrations and a completely satisfying resolution, at least for Lucy and little ones who are sure to agree.

This book gets my vote as the PERFECT book for little ones who love their loveys and the parents who love them.

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Reviewed by Lynne Marie. The opinions contained in this review are my own.


  1. What a cute book that many kids will identify with. I sent my great niece a monkey for Christmas, but the family dog claimed it as his and she never played with it. Will have to send this book. Fun story!

    1. I agree! And thank you for sharing your lovey story.

  2. Thank you for featuring Lucy on your blog!