Sunday, October 30, 2016

REVIEW: Puddles by Kevan Atteberry

TITLE: Puddles
AUTHOR: Kevan Atteberry
ILLUSTRATOR: Kevan Atteberry
PUBLISHER: Harper Collins
IMPRINT:  Katherine Tegen Books

OK some books are just FUN. Plain old stomp in the mud FUN! This is one of them. 

Geared to toddlers and pre-readers, this simple story of just one or a few paired words (hello, sun, clouds, rain, puddles, splash, etc.) actually has a narrative arc, pacing and tension! As well as fun. Did I mention fun? I loved this enthusiastic, energetic fun-loving monster, who is not without his fears. And who would not just love those adorable bunnies, even though they don't like puddles. 

This is a great book for re-readability, and I am sure any toddler will be repeating and or reading it in no time!

Reviewed by: Lynne Marie. The opinions herein are my own. 

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