Friday, January 27, 2017

A Review of I am NOT a Princess by Bethany Burt

TITLE: I am NOT a Princess
AUTHOR: Bethany Burt
ILLUSTRATOR: Brenda McCallum
PUBLISHER: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. 

REVIEW BY: Lynne Marie

JACKET FLAP: Play-acting and self-identity are the themes of this charmingly illustrated book about a girl who dreams of being a beautiful princess.

SNIPPET: "Mom, princesses don't have to shop for food! They have servants and stuff who make all their food for them," Eliza snorted. 

REVIEW: After deciding to be a Princess, Eliza finds she has everything she needs -- a favorite princess dress, jewelry, gloves, slippers and beaded purse. Voila! She's a princess! But as the day goes on, she realizes that maybe a Princess is NOT the very best thing to be. 

Although I hadn't recognized the name of the publisher, the author or the illustrator, this book was surprisingly good -- it's a funny, well-written story with adorably cute art,  a believable character, satisfying resolution and a wonderful message. 

A wonderful book to share with Princesses and non-Princesses, too! 

Rating: 4.0 Ps 

NOTE: The opinions reflected herein are my own.

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