Saturday, January 28, 2017

How "Shoes are Like Men" and the Publication Journey of Kim Interdonato

Today, I would like to introduce a long-time friend. She is not a children's writer, as would usually be featured on my blog, but an adult humor writer. However, her writing-from-life inspiration and publication journey story is motivating and I wanted to share it with you all. 


And now, here's Kim!

My name is Kim Interdonato and I am the author/illustrator of Shoes are Like Men.

Shoes Are Like Men is a laugh out loud funny modern spin on dating from a woman's point of view. Every chapter compares dating from blisteringly painful to as comfortable as a pair of slippers. Every female will totally relate their date to every chapter in this book.

By trade, I am a skating instructor  -- a job I love and am very proud of. So believe me when I tell you I had no intentions to be a writer or illustrator. 

The idea for Shoes Are Like Men came to me when I was having difficulty getting over a recent relationship break-up. On this beautiful summer day, I decided to take a long drive. It gave me lots of time to think.  Instead of dwelling on my "one-bad-relationship-after-another" history, I laughed at the silly dating situations I experienced. I also remembered something one of my girlfriends said about dating: "Think of it like trying on shoes." She had pointed out that I did not find the right fit yet and said, "till then, enjoy trying on more shoes."

The more I thought about it, the more the analogy fit. I decided to write about my experiences and liken them to different "styles" of shoes. At first, I wrote because it was therapeutic. It was fun to laugh instead of feeling sorry for myself.

But as I wrote, and wrote and wrote, I realized that I had something to share. Something that might help others through difficult situations. Although I wasn't sure the book would become published, I knew it was worth a shot.

At first, it was a difficult decision  to let friends, family and strangers read the personal details of my life. But I wanted my book to be relatable, and the only way to do so was to share my true encounters. I hoped my readers would connect with my book, and know they're not alone in trying to find their perfect fit. My role in my dating life was not always perfect, but I grew from the experiences. I am thankful for all the shoes styles/ men  in my book, they made me who I am today.

I sent the book to several self-publishers. Although several expressed interest, I decided to go with Mindstir Media. They encouraged me to do my own illustrations instead of trying to find Internet pictures of shoes and then attempting to obtain copyright permission. As Lynne knows I have been drawing for years and designed the sets for the Rinx Preschool Skating Shows, so it was nice to use my talent in a professional capacity.

And while in the future, I may try on more pairs of shoes, for now, I am enjoying the benefits of being a published writer. I had a fun interview on Date Night with Connie and Chrissy. I have been interviewed for Long Island advance and Long Island Pulse, and even had a book signing. I am not giving up on happiness or success. 

So if you have negatives in your life, remember that you can always them positives. I did! I hope you enjoy reading  Shoes are Like Men as much as I did writing it. Happy Reading!

Kim Interdonato, 
Author of Shoes Are Like Men

 Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million 


  1. Good for you! I share in your sentiments and I am glad that you expressed it in your book-Shoes are like men. I like the title and would like to read it one day. I salute your fighting spirit to get up from stumbles in life and your perseverance to share it with the world. I wish you more books to come and I'm sure good opportunities will always be with you.

    1. This is absolutely a great book -- my boyfriend read it and really enjoyed it too! Thanks for stopping by My Word Playground @Alicia Minor