Friday, February 3, 2017

PPBF: A Review of Eddie the Bully by Henry Cole


TITLE: Eddie the Bully
PUBLISHER: Little Bee Books
DATE: 2016

SNIPPET: Eddie was a bully. A great big bully. He was mean any way he could be, any time he could be. "You're such a loser!" he clucked at Rose when she came in last.
"That was an easy one!" he said with a laugh when Tony had trouble with a math problem...

I have long been a fan of Henry Cole's bright, quirky and animated art, including but not limited to his pairings with Margie Palatini, Pamela Duncan Edwards and Jim Aylesworth to name a few. I'm also a fan of his solo projects, and am adding this book to my list of favorites.

From inside the cover with endpapers and continuing throughout, Henry's illustrations tell a loud and clear story with just a touch of humor! However, what stands about this well-written story is the incredibly timely message about the power of kindness. The story problem is universal. It's told in a way that is realistic, but not overdone. The resolution is appealing, satisfying, and most importantly, inspiring. It's nice to see a book with important take-away value. May it inspire kindness with each reading.

5 out of 5

Note: The views express within this interview are my own.

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