Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Blogger Appreciation Week/Unexpected!

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in New York my whole life, so I'm certainly NO Cowgirl and my idea of camping out is anything below a Marriot level hotel...

So when fellow Yellow Brick Road
Member(s) /Blogger Leslie Zampetti (pictured to the right) and Rob Saunders highly recommended that I read Tammi  Sauer's picture book COWBOY CAMP I was thinking, "Thanks, sweeties, but No." Of course, I am always open to trying anything once, so I skeedaddled myself down to the library and pulled a copy of COWBOY CAMP off the shelf. Well, before I had even gotten to the end, I had already formulated a plan to leave the library and head right to the bookstore to purchase my very own copy to KEEP! Now if that's not an unexpected turn of events, I don't know what is!

COWBOY CAMP by Tammi Sauer and illustrated by Mike Reed, features a young boy who wants to be a cowboy very badly, although he doesn't have all the "usual" cowboy makings. Through a series of trial and error, Avery learns what it REALLY takes to be a cowboy, and provides a satisfying, fun ending for the reader.
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And since my story is short and sweet, I think I'll share a little anecdote about New Yorkers and cattle. When I was growing up I had a close friend named Danielle who lived next door. When I was twelve, her family had to move to Texas. I was devastated. So my parents decided to fly me from New York to Texas to stay with them  for the summer. While I was there I got bit by fire ants. The next day, on the way to Humble Vacation Bible School  we couldn't unload off the bus, because a longhorn blocked the exit from the bus into the church. When I called my mom and told her about these exciting stories (that could never, ever happen in New York), my Mother, who had lived in New York her whole life, covered the receiver (but I could hear her), said "Johnny, we've gotta get her out of that place! There's wild animals all over!"

I guess she meant the cattle and the fire ants. I laugh everytime I think of this. Wild Animals LOL

Back to our topic: Unexpected! Since that first unexpected delight, compliments of Leslie and Rob, I have gone on to enjoy several other picture books by Tammi Sauer: Chicken Dance, and Mostly Monsterly. Lots of fun -- Check them out!

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