Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Writing Prompt/Metaphorically Thinking with Anne Marie Pace

With school having started recently for many of our children, those beloved book club flyers will soon appear in their back packs. With fond memories of those book club days, I am pleased to present a writing exercise from  former teacher and fellow Scholastic author Anne Marie Pace. Check the September flyer of Scholastic's Firefly Bookclub for her book! I can't wait to get a copy for Kayla <3


Metaphorically Thinking (and More!)

This is a writing exercise I always enjoyed doing with my students when I was a teacher. Make a list of nouns which name objects which seem completely unrelated. Then take any two of them and start listing ways in which they are similar. At first “grasshopper” and “skyscraper” might seem like a complete mismatch, but as you give yourself time to think, you’ll find they have more in common than you might have guessed at first.

This exercise, done thoughtfully, forces you to look more closely at objects and can also lead you to writing some interesting metaphors and similes.

About "Never Ever Talk to Strangers":

Anne Marie Pace's NEVER EVER TALK TO STRANGERS, illustrated by Guy Francis, is available in the September flyer of Scholastic Book Club's Firefly Club. Jamie Bear is sure he's learned all of Officer Crane's stranger safety rules--but when he meets a stranger, will he remember what to do?

Please Check Out Anne Marie's Website:

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