Saturday, February 5, 2011

Picture Book Marathon Day Five!

With four picture book manuscripts under my belt, I'm excited to begin Day Five of the Marathon.

I woke up with a terrible, terrible migraine and had to take medicine that makes me woozy and now can't go to my Saturday morning ice skating lessons (RATS!), but I am not going to let that stop me from my using my brain muscles today.  I'm eager to press on and make the best of my day!

I have a whole stash of great ideas from the PIBOIDMO, but I'm feeling a bit antsy from being steered off my course, so I wanted something new to chew on today. So I headed over to the Picture Book Marathon Blog to re-read the posts and found just what I was looking for, buried under all the snow...

Of course, I always have had an affinity for little scurrying creatures!

No matter what obstacles befall you today, I hope you all can write on...

And be sure to check out previous posts from this blog for some fabulous writing prompts and inspirations from picture book writers like Lisa Wheeler, Tammi Sauer, Kelly DiPucchio and more!

UPDATE: I am pleased to say that despite headache and medicine I have completed PB#5 based upon the afore-mentioned inspiration. So far, it is the most promising of the bunch. This proves that you never know when the good ones are going to pop up (if you are paying attention that is a little pun)! And, at Lora and Jean's recommendation, I have generated three ideas to choose from for tomorrow.

Feel free to guess what my picture book is about.

Lynne Marie

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