Saturday, February 5, 2011

Writing Prompt/Interviewing Your MG Character with Kat Yeh

On our writing journey, we are often blessed to travel the path and sit a while with many fine spirits. For me, one of them is Kat Yeh, who I am always glad to catch up with, although sometimes she soars quickly on her flying dragon with her magic brush!

Here is her wonderful contribution to my blog, for which I am thankful.

MG Novel Writing Prompt from Kat Yeh:

In the midst of a writing frenzy the other day, a strange thing occurred. The protagonist of my middle-grade novel did something I did not plan. Reacted in a way I hadn't expected. I couldn't decide how to feel about this. Betrayed? Pleased? Or simply puzzled? It made me wonder how well I really knew her. She had always been a decidedly complex and secretive little thing, but I realized there was one way I could at least begin to figure her out. I would interview her.

Ah, but the catch is: I would do it twice.
The first time, I would ask my questions and write down her off the cuff responses.
Then (please don't judge me!) when she wasn't looking, I'd slip her a serious dose of Truth Serum, wait for it to take effect, and then see how her answers changed…

We all have several levels of The Truth within us. Things we reveal to anyone - a reporter, a stranger.
Things we reveal only to some - like family and friends. And things that would only see the light of day if a very liberal amount of Truth Serum were to be administered.

These were some of the questions for my character -- based on what I needed to find out about her…what would you ask yours?

            1) What is your biggest dream?
            2) What are you most afraid of people finding out about you?
            3) Who are you closest to?
            4) What is your deepest, darkest secret?
            5) Who would you tell this to?
            6) Describe your family and your relationship.
            7) If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? What about your family?

Kat Yeh Biography

Kat grew up reading, doodling and scribbling in Westtown, Pennsylvania. She worked for many years in advertising and sports marketing -- while writing for herself in the wee hours of the night. She currently lives on Long Island where she can see water everyday and explore all the bay and harbor beaches with her family. She is the author of children's books You're Lovable to Me (Random House) and The Magic Brush (Bloomsbury).

About The Magic Brush
Combining a heartwarming family story, a magical adventure, and a multilingual primer on Chinese language, The Magic Brush tells the story of Jasmine, a young girl who learns Chinese calligraphy from her Agong, or grandfather. As Jasmine learns how to paint the characters for dragon, fish, horse, friend, and more, she and Agong are magically transported to the wondrous world they are creating. The Magic Brush, beautifully rendered in traditional cut-paper, is perfect for young readers and their parents to share, steeped in Chinese traditions and full of magical adventure.

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