Sunday, February 13, 2011

Picture Book Marathon Day Twelve / On the Twelfth Day of Marathon...

On the 12th Day of Marathon, my true love (my little sweetheart Kayla) gave to me...another great idea to pursue <3

And, to be truthful, I think this one is one of the winners!

Lora and Jean mentioned in their Day 11 Marathon Post that Katherine Paterson recommends to "Write what you know," or "would like to know." At the recent SCBWI NY11, Newbery award-winning author Lois Lowry gave similar advice. "Things that happened way back when. Then told and shaped, and told again." And "What if? What if? Alway there. So many answers. Be aware." Another snippet included: "a phrase and little more -- imagination, take wings, soar!"

So, be aware!

In my own writing, I often include overlay imaginative fiction upon factual events. Events that happen in my life. In my son's life. In my daughter's life. School events. This day's draft was no exception. In a left-handed way, the basis for my inspiration came from making Valentines for my daughter's First Grade Class.  Of course, realizing that so many books exist about Valentine's Day, I found a way to approach the school celebration from a different angle, focus on a learning aspect, add some fiction and fun and hopefully learn more about snails in the process! Got you intrigued? Hopefully it will be a book someday and you will get to read first hand what I am talking about.

But my point is that you can use real-life for inspiration and write about day-to-day things without really writing about those tired topics. Just be aware of the parts that work, then push the box a little further, and think outside of it.

So, go ahead, write what you know or what you want to know, and give it a twist <3

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