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The Picture Book Mechanic - So You Need a Critique? Questions and Answers

When purchasing a critique or mentoring services, there are several things to consider: 

    1. How many books has the critiquer published? Who was the publisher? When were they published. 

                   Hedgehog Goes to Kindergarten, 

                           Scholastic 2011

                           Currently unavailable. 

                   Hedgehog's 100th Day of School, 

                            Scholastic 2017

                           Available from Scholastic Book Clubs or direct from Author

                   The Star in the Christmas PlayBeaming Books 2018 

                            Available in Hardcover and Digital Formats

                   Moldilocks and the Three Scares, Sterling 2019

                            Available in Hardcover and Digital Formats

                   Let's Eat! Mealtime Around the World, Beaming Books 2019

                            Available in Hardcover and Digital Formats 

                   American Pie, Dancing Flamingo Press 2022

                   and two others, pending.

                   You can learn more about me and my books at www.literallylynnemarie.com.

    2. Other experience and accreditations of the critiquer. 

                 I am the owner and administrator of RateYourStory.org - a rating and feedback service for children's writers where you can get feedback on manuscripts, pitches, queries and more from traditionally published authors and illustrators. We have Member and Non-Member options (Membership opens 11/1), including Spring and Summer contests and always available Speedpasses.  

                I also work for Clear Fork Media and am the Editorial Director of the Dancing Flamingo Press, as well as a former intern at a literary agency. Feel free to join me for a First Pages with Callie and Lynne session. 

                 In addition, I am a former paid book reviewer and have served on the Cybils Award panel as a first-round Picture Book category Judge since 2017. 

                On Sundays, I hold a FREE Tinker and Talk Book Chats here:         https://tinyurl.com/TinkerandTalkBookChat

3. What will the critique cover? 

                My critiques include intensive line editing, where I consider each and every word and phrase. I comment on any and all points as I read, but also preface the critique with big picture comments including strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript, and objectives for revision. 

4.  What is the cost of the critique?


                 Be certain to bookmark my rates page for 2021 (check for updates):


5.  What is the critique style?

        I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your journey. Please know that from the bottom of my heart, your success is my goal. I want to help you enable your manuscript to perform to its fullest potential. I also hope to cultivate a continued relationship and to continue to assist you down the road, even as your needs change.  

     From hereon in, I will be cheering for you from the sidelines. But also realize that my actual critique method is a no-fooling-around, here’s-what’s-broken-and-what-needs-to-be-fixed style. For example, if your manuscript was a car, I would spend more time under the hood exerting effort in trying to help you get it to run properly, than I would standing outside it, admiring the exterior and telling you how pretty and shiny it is. 


You’ll see that I spend *a lot* of time on every detail. Until it’s time to celebrate, my focus will be making sure every little cog runs smoothly.  Because the truth is, no matter how beautiful the idea, if the mechanics don’t work, the vehicle won’t get you over the finish line. 


As with any critique --If you don’t agree with the feedback, give it a few days, and then when you feel you can approach it with an objective mind, go back to it and see if it makes more sense. Keep in mind that sometimes we have to re-vision our stories and let them go where they lead us for them to work. And you can always take what you need and proceed from there. I do recommend having a consultation if this happens -- it will help to understand and process the comments and we can brainstorm a direction for you to go in. These are $15.00 for a half hour as a critique add-on, $30.00 an hour for my critique clients. These sessions are reduced from $35.00, and invaluable, which you won’t know until you’ve tried one! 


Remember that publishing is a business. My feedback is meant to bring the manuscript to the next level and to get you further on your road to success. Please take the feedback in the spirit it is given -- which is complete honesty of what I believe is needed to move closer to your goal. I truly want to further you on your path to success! 

6. Can I ask for Referrals?

While my Referrals Page is currently under construction with my fabulous Website Guru, you may ask me to provide references, as well as see some older accolades on my services menu.


       Thank you for your time and trust. I look forward to working with you! 


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And just to start you off on the right foot, here is some helpful information that I hope you will read: 


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Most importantly of all, DON’T GIVE UP:




Moldilocks and the Three Scares

Let’s Eat - Mealtime Around the World

The Star in the Christmas Play


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