Monday, March 1, 2021

The Story Behind the Story - Quicklist

Thank you for stopping by to hear the Story Behind the Story posts that I have collected so far. 

I am sure that like me, you will see that it's inspiring to see that imagination and perspiration pays off! 

Click the links to enjoy visits with this fabulous list of talented authors who, just like you, started with just an idea and a keyboard. 

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2021 POSTS:

January 4, 2021 - Karen Rostoker Gruber [IN THE TREES]

January 7, 2021 - Lauren Heller Kerstein [HOME FOR A WHILE]

February 1st - Amalia Hoffman [MY MONSTERPIECE]

February 6th - Linda Marshall [THE POLIO PIONEER]

February 22 - Danna Smith [THE HAWK OF THE CASTLE]

February 25 - Evelyn Bookless [CAPTAIN GREEN AND THE TREE MACHINE]

March 1 - Robin Newman [DON'T CALL ME FUZZYBUTT]

March 1 - Kathleen Doherty [THE THINGATYMAGIG]

March 21 - Linda Joy Singleton [CRANE AND CRANE]
March 22 - Charlotte Offsay [THE BIG BEACH CLEAN-UP]
March 23 - Shirin Shamsi [LAILA]
March 25 - Moni Hadley [THE STAR FESTIVAL]
April 30 - Phaea Crede [JET THE CAT IS NOT A CAT]

2019 AND 2020 POSTS:

Alexandra Alessandri

Amy Houts

Brenda Sturgis

Claire Lordon

Jodi McKay

Joni Klein-Higger

Kathleen M. Blasi

Kirsti Call

Lauren Heller Kerstein

Lauren Heller Kerstein

Lori Degman

Lydia Lukidis

Natalee Creech

Paulette Sharkey

Shannon Stocker

Wendy Greenley

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